S-Video connection to TV results in Frozen Image

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mahlon3, Oct 12, 2009.

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    Oct 12, 2009
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    Hey i have a Macbook and a few months back i hooked up my S-Video cable to the television to watch Stepbrothers which i purchased from iTunes. Everything worked fine and when i left the house i closed the computer but left everything plugged in. The next time I went to hook up S-video ( several weeks later) I hooked up the S-video cable and opened my computer the password box appeared on the computer as well as the television. However when i hit enter for the password a picture of my girlfriend and I appeared on the TV screen. It was the image i was using for my desktop at the time I watched Stepbrothers, but it was no longer my desktop. I started to play around with somethings and found that nothing showed up but that image ... no dock .. no HD icon.. the only thing that would show up on TV was if i went through Settings and hit the Desktop .. or Appearance or things of that nature ... a SIMILAR but not exact version would appear on TV .. but am not able to view movies or Safari browser... i cannot find that picture on my computer anymore to my knowledge it is deleted. HAS THIS HAPPENED TO ANYONE ELSE ... DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT TO DO??? APPRECIATE ALL RESPONSES THANKS EVERYONE WHO HAS INPUT....
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    i think you have a configuration problem there. the computer has set the TV as an "additional monitor", rather then "mirroring" the laptop screen.

    to fix this go into System Preferences -> Displays -> and then in the 2nd tab you can then set how the monitors are setout.

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