S4 Milanese might be a little different from the S0 Milanese


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Apr 22, 2009
It's been a few years when I had the S0 Milanese, but picking up the S4 Milanese it seems a bit different. The difference is quite small because I can't really articulate it. It's reasonable that it is different as Apple might easily had another vendor make the Milanese now vs a few years ago. Do you notice a difference?

It seems the S4 Milanese has less sharp edges, but it's also seems a tad lighter. The steel tabs used to attach to the AW and slot into the AW seem to be better made, smoother. Magnetic strength seems to be more consistent throughout the magnetic tab. It's strong enough, but I recall needing to pull with more effort to get it off with the S0. I prefer it just strong enough because if it's too strong then there's less control taking AW off.
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