Safari and Other iApps Need a Little Work

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by AdamZ, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. AdamZ macrumors regular

    Feb 15, 2004
    Why doesn't Safari have "GO" buttons for both the web and Google fields. Here is the scenario: I am laying down on my couch , surfing the web, using my powerbook connected to a 21" monitor. I am using the Apple Blutooth mouse and I am quite a distance from my keyboard. I see something that I am interested in and I copy and paste into the google field. I then have to get up and reach over to the keyboard and press the enter key. I'm sure this may not seem like a big deal but if the goal is to get further away from my computer and relax, this really sucks.

    Also why can't Safari copy directly to these fields. When you highlight text that you may want to copy, you can drag that text, but only as a text clipping. Why can't it be set up to copy and paste. I am really fond of the single button mouse but I find that I want to use my multibutton to program copy, paste, and enter. Most of the web surfing or cruising that I do does not require me to use the keyboard, except to hit the enter key.

    The last thing that bugs me is that I always use 800x600 resolution, because I use my iMac from some distace away and my powerbook 12 inch is pretty small, but web pages always come up a little off screen. For every new page I have to hit the Green button or move i over manually, It has become second nature now. So better support for differnt resolutions would be great.

    Now for iTunes, whoever posted the jukebox option was right on. I want to control click a song and have it added in queue to a playlist. Dragging the sond to a playlist isn't really hard to do but it would be nice to have a simular experience as with my iPod's On the Fly Playlist.

    Quicktime Organization

    I would also like to see a new iApp that would help organize my Quicktime clips. Maybe something really simular to iPhoto, so I can watch my clips from a single App instead of having to hunt in differnt folders.


    Stickies, which I use alot needs to have the ability to send Stickie Notes both to other users on a single computer as well as send via Blutooth and 802.11g to other computers. Sometimes I want to leave a message or information for someone else in the household and the note can only be sent as regular text. I would like the notes color, font, size and any pictures to be sent as a sticky note. Kinda like putting a post it note on someone elses monitor. Also have more organizational features, like an interface that would store multiple notes even when they are off the screen, sort of like a place to organive all the copy and pastes I do from the web for later reading.

    Address book

    This program is Ok and I use in very successfully with my Sonyerricson T610 and Sailing Clicker which is amazing. The only problem though is that th Pictures that you see for each person are SO DARN SMALL. WHY? I would like to see a better picture of them and it needs better support for Birthdays and iCal.

    I am just an average user who pretty recently switched and my family will never go back, the user experience is fantastic but these are really the only thins that bother me on a daily use basis, Wht do you folks think? Better yet, where can I send this feedback to Apple?
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    Aug 5, 2003

    As for the no "GO" button, I, and mostly everyone else would find that just annoying. Takes up space when all you need to hit is the enter button. If you have a wireless mouse, get a wireless KEYBOARD. Then you can do a lot more than click to get around from afar.

    Now do you use your iMac at 800X600 or your PB at that resolution. Anyways, you can add buttons to your tool bar, and then when you want too, at normal 1024X768, you can just make the text bigger, so you can read it from afar. Under View, Text Size, two buttons appear for making the text bigger and smaller. And if you have a PB, why not just get a wireless card, then anywhere you want to go with it you can have it right on you lap.

    iTunes, yeah, I guess that would be a good feature. but dragging and droping is so much better, because you could end up deleting a song using a drop down box. That is where the delete resides. Then all of a sudden, song is gone, god damn it, why did they make that there. And imaging how many playlists a person has, i have about 50 playlists, so a drop down would just run right up the screen.

    An iPhoto for movies, if you are creating movies, or getting them off your camera, use iMovie, I believe it already gathers camera downloads together under a single file for you where you can name them. If you are talking about catagorizing your downloaded off the internet movies, they leave that up to you because most might not want to catagorize them.

    Stickies are for you, not others. Send an email, or IM message. You can save multiple notes, just do File, Save All. Then quit Stickies. When you open Stickies again, all the notes you wanted to leave youself will come back up.

    Address book and pictures, they are small so they don't take up space. If you use larger pictures the more memory it takes up, then when you want to add another contact to your phone, woops, nope, can't do it. you don't have the room. Most people look for peoples names more than pictures when looking for their contact information.

    iCal and birthdays, I think there is a apple script out there that adds the birthday feature, I will look for it.

    I believe you can write them an email, let me look for that email address and I'll post it later.
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    Nov 6, 2003
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    Re: O........K.......

    here you go

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