Safari breaks single day download record for Apple.


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Aug 4, 2002
Madison, Wi
First introduced during Steve Jobs Macworld keynote yesterday, Apple's new Web browser, Safari, broke the single day download record previously held by iTunes, according to Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.
Safari has been downloaded 300,000 times in the last 24 hours -- the previous download record for Apple was for iTunes, which had two days of 100,000 downloads.
In fact, Schiller said that 20 percent of all Mac downloads from in the last 24 hours came from a Safari browser.
Safari is designed to be the fastest Web browser on the Mac. Jobs said Safari was up to three times faster than what most people use, including Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Chimera. Besides speed, Jobs said Apple wanted to create their own Web browser because they wanted to innovate.


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Sep 22, 2002
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I like Safari. It's good now and I think it can turn into an incredible browser in the near future. Keep up the good work Apple!!!


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Jan 8, 2003
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I also downloaded Safari, I agree that it could be a really awesome browser in the near future, with Apple's innovation, they are sure to fix any problems with the current version. Take that i.e. is right! :D


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Feb 2, 2002
doesn't surprise me in the least. This was heavily anticipated, whether the people knew it or not. The fact that the Mac lacked a good browser wasn't winning any switchers; we all complained, Apple heard us and fixed it :) That's how much they care about their users...

long life safari!



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Jul 13, 2002
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not all it's cracked up to be, YET

I did a couple of time trial on some of my favorite websites between Navigator and Safari and found that navigator beat out safari most of the time, From talking to other people i''ve figured that my results are uncommon and probably the result of my downloading a speed upgrade for Navigator off of that adds piplineing


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Aug 4, 2002
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Safari Downloads Top 500,000
MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO?January 10, 2003?Apple® today announced that users have downloaded more than 500,000 copies of its new Safari? web browser since the free public beta was posted on Apple?s web site ( on Tuesday, January 7.
?Mac users have gone wild over Safari,? said Philip Schiller, Apple?s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. ?With its speed, innovative new features and ease of use, Safari is the Mac browser our users have been waiting for.?