Safari on Mountain Lion won't reformat a page when zoomed

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    I was using Snow Leopard on a Mac laptop and everything was fine with Safari, but now I have a Mac mini with Mountain Lion and zooming on Safari doesn't work properly. It won't reformat at all, so instead of text being reformatted to fit the browser edges, it becomes longer and longer the bigger it gets, so you have to scroll left to right every single line to read something.

    There's also problems with text boxes. If the browser is at all zoomed in, they won't work properly if enough is typed into them that a scroll bar for the text box is present. If you scroll up and try to edit or type or basically press any key, the cursor will stay wherever it should, but the view of the text box will always jump to the end so you can't see what you're doing. And you can't use a mouse or trackpad to highlight text that you need to scroll up for, it just won't let you because while you're trying to highlight you can't scroll up, you're stuck at the bottom of the text.

    None of this happened on previous versions of Safari before Mountain Lion. It all worked fine when I was using Safari on Snow Leopard and earlier. I've tried fooling with Safari settings and zoom settings but nothing seems to work. Can someone try this out on their Safari on Mountain Lion and see if the same thing happens to them? Can someone help me fix it? Thanks.

    ETA - This is not for the general Mac zoom. This is for Safari-specific zoom that Safari offers (I use it by having the cursor anywhere in the Safari browser page and then putting thumb and forefinger together on the trackpad and spreading them apart to zoom into the Safari page).
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    Mountain Lion's zoom was zoom in the literal sense. You literally zoom in. It works just like iOS.

    It works perfectly. Whether you like this behavior or not is another story.

    Try Chrome or Firefox if you prefer the old 'zoom'.

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