Safari "Zoom Text Only" and Chrome "Reopen the pages that were open last"

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    I recently bought my first ever Mac, a MacBook Air. Love it overall, but there are a couple of browsing issues that are irking me, so I thought I'd try here on the forum.

    In Safari, in Menu/View there's a toggle called "Zoom Text Only". Whether I toggle it on or off, it doesn't seem to do anything different. The pinch zoom still enlarges (or reduces) everything on the page proportionately, including the table sizes and the graphics.

    I know how to zoom text only using the keyboard by pressing command and + or - but I'm wondering what this Menu/View toggle is for.

    Any ideas?

    In Chrome, in Preferences, I've selected "Reopen the pages that were open last". However, Chrome never remembers the last open tabs. It always open with a single blank tab. This wasn't how it happens on my Windows PC. On my PC, if I have 5 tabs open, and I close Chrome. The same 5 tabs reappear the next time I open Chrome.

    Any ideas?

    Danke & Gracias.
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    Without zoom text only the KB/Menu zooms zoom it all, not just text.


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