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    I'm selling my current iPod 3G 15GB in order to purchase a new one, and I wanted to see if anyone here was interested.

    There are two things I want to make very clear first, as I know how upsetting it is to buy something online, and it not be what you expected. First off, I got this iPod when a member of my family purchased a VW Beetle during the "buy a Beetle and get an iPod" deal. As a result, the VW logo is laser-engraved on the back of the iPod. Aside from that, it's entirely normal (usual box, same specifications, etc). Secondly, on one occurrence, I had the iPod freeze up. When this happened, I had to do a hard reset, and ended up having to re-synch it with my library. I took it into the Apple store immediately, and they found nothing wrong with it. In the year and 2 months I've had the iPod, that has only happened once (about 6 months in), and it's been flawless before and after that point. If for whatever reason you buy the iPod and this happens to you more than once within the first month or two (I'm flexible on this) of buying it, I will either offer you a full refund or pay for at least half of the repair (your call).

    As I said, it's extremely important to me that you know exactly what you're getting. I'll include my complete contact information at the time of sale (or in advance, if you prefer), so that you will have no problem getting a hold of me at any point in the future if need be.

    With that said, here are the specifications of the sale:

    - iPod 3G 15GB
    - Original box
    - All included cables (Firewire, USB, AC adapter)
    - The dock, wired remote, and case that came with the iPod (I'm not including the headphones themselves, since you probably don't want headphones someone else has had in their ears for a while)
    - Car charger
    - Clear JamJacket
    - Tape adapter (allows you to play your iPod through any tape player)

    The iPod itself is in full working condition, and has been kept in very good shape. It's never been dropped, scratched, or anything of that nature. As you probably know, the front of the iPod gets extremely minor scratches just from normal use, but those are very hard to detect. Finally, I have taken special care of the battery to ensure its longevity. I am obsessive in keeping my Apple products clean and in perfect condition, so the iPod is truly in great shape.

    I'll also include the non-working iTrip that I have for it, as you may be able to exchange it for a working one for free. The iTrip allows you to transmit the audio signal of your iPod to an FM receiver. Don't take that into account when considering the price though, because I'm not sure you will be able to exchange it or make any use of it. Just to be clear, I am including this entirely free of charge, just in case you can find a use for it.

    Also, I have the Belkin photo adapter for the iPod. It's basically new, as it's only been used once. I know not everyone needs or wants this, so I'm not including it in the iPod sale unless you do want it. If you do, just factor that into your offer accordingly. It was (and still is) $80 new.

    I prefer PayPal, as it is instant and also provides you with a level of protection. However, I am flexible on this, and I'm willing to work out any payment method you prefer.

    If you are interested, please respond with whatever price you feel is fair. I'll ship it however you want (as long as it's insured), so let me know what method you prefer, and I'll calculate that price before we complete the sale. Just so you know, due to my schedule, I will be sending it out Thursday morning. I will provide a tracking number immediately. If you have any questions, feel free to either post them here, e-mail me at, message me on AIM at g0rman (the 0 is a zero), or send me a private message here. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your consideration!
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    How much are you looking to get for it?

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