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Apr 12, 2001

On the heels of Apple introducing the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro this week, Samsung has shared a new ad that calls on iPhone users to "switch to the Galaxy Note10" and "fall in love" with its bokeh video feature.

The 15-second ad shows a man and a woman standing side by side, holding an iPhone and Galaxy Note10 respectively, as they both record a couple's marriage proposal. However, unlike the iPhone, the Galaxy Note10 is able to blur the background of the video in real time for a bokeh effect.

Samsung then gets to the point: "Missing a little... je ne sais quoi? Switch to the Galaxy Note10. And fall in love with Live Focus Video."

While recent iPhones do have Portrait Mode for blurring the background of people, pets, and objects in photos, Apple does not offer a bokeh video feature in the stock Camera app. However, it is possible to achieve a somewhat shallower depth of field using third-party camera apps like FiLMiC Pro.

Samsung released the Galaxy Note10 on August 23, with pricing starting at $949 in the United States. iPhone 11 Pro models start at $999, with pre-orders beginning today ahead of in-store availability on Friday, September 20.

Article Link: Samsung Ad Encourages iPhone Users to Switch to the Galaxy Note10 and 'Fall in Love' With Bokeh Video
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Dec 10, 2015

I like it, it subtle and highlights a feature that an iPhone doesn’t have, kind of how Apple did before with mac vs pc :p

I was just thinking about this. They even had a small poke during that one twitter video they did for the iPhone event recap.

I do like, however, how the majority of Apple's marketing campaigns are about the people their product helps and what you can do, rather than literally juxtaposing the competitor's product.


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Apr 7, 2008
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Sell sizzle, not steak. Marketing 101.

Since I'm a firm subscriber to idea of Caveat Emptor, I find it ridiculous to base buying a phone for its camera performance. If it performs well as a phone and, since it's a smart phone, an internet connected device. If I want to take videos with great bokeh, I'll use my Canon and an L-lense.
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