Samsung X360 lighter the Macbook Air and more POWERFUL

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by riz78612, Oct 14, 2008.

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    Samsung is re-entering the U.S. notebook market with light, thin notebooks aimed at the style- and weight-conscious on-the-go user.

    Today's notebook news may wind up being all about Apple, but South Korean electronics giant Samsung is making some interesting moves of its own: it is re-entering the U.S. notebook market with three slim, stylish models specifically targeting the sorts of customers who would consider Apple's MacBook Air or ultra-tiny Sony Vaios…plus the lineup includes a netbook for those folks considering tapping into the Asus Eee craze.

    Samsung's X-series of notebook computers offer thin and stylish designs, and are aimed at the premium notebook market. The Samsung X360 weights just 2.8 pounds with a magnesium alloy chassis and a "pebble" style keyboard. The unit sports an Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processor and Intel Centrino 2 low-power technology, a 128 GB SSD hard drive, a 13.3-inch WXGA (1,280 by 800 pixel) LED-backlit screen, along with a 7-in-1 media car reader, 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR wireless connectivity, HDMI output, and a 1.3 megapixel Web cam. The X360 will support 1 to 4 GB of RAM, offers an eternal DVD super multi dual layer DVD burner, and claims battery life of up to 10 hours with an optional 6-cell battery. The X360 will carry a $2,499 price tag,; if that's a little spendy, the X460 will offer mostly-identical specs with a 160 GB traditional hard drive for $1,899—although it weights almost 4.2 pounds.

    For the netbook crowd, Samsung is offering the NC10, a small-cased ultraportable in white or metallic blue that offers a 10.2-inch display and a 160 GB hard drive at prices starting at $499.

    Samsung plans to ramp up U.S. distribution of its notebooks by early 2009, adding distributors and brick-and-mortar retail partners. The company also plans to introduce new notebooks targeting traditional business and enterprise users. And Samsung may have something going for it: after all, it makes many of the components that go into the world's top-selling notebook computers—aside from processors and graphics controllers, Samsung pretty much makes everything else that would go into a standard computer…especially LED-backlist LCD displays. But it remains to be seen if the company can establish itself as a reliable brand in the U.S. market alongside other Asian competitors like Toshiba and Sony, along with stalwart U.S. brands like Dell, HP, and Apple.
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    Samsung X360 lighter the Macbook Air but LESS powerful

    1.2 GHz ULV Core Duo and Intel GMA (Samsung X360) more powerful than 1.6 / 1.86 GHz Core 2 Duo and NVIDIA 9400m (MacBook Air)?

    No way.
    Not even close as powerful.
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    Who is to stop people from running Linux. Sheesh.
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    If it's anything like the Toshiba r500 and the ilk, I'd pass. The MBA is by far the only machine in its weight range that doesn't feel like it would snap in half if I looked at it wrong. I setup a brand-new r500 for a client recently (he just had to have it), the screen flex is ridiculous. Sony and others have the same issue. My MBA, rock solid. Now, there are certainly things I'd change about it (2 USB ports please, sir), but it might just be the best laptop I've ever had (I've had quite a few since the original Powerbook 140 I bought some 17 years ago)
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    *Breaking News* A ham sandwich is also lighter than a Macbook Air. Hackers are working around the clock to port roast beef to it.
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    There are faster and lighter notebooks than the Air!?

    In other news - the sun came up.

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