Satelite Broadband on a Mac?


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Aug 31, 2001
St. Paul, MN
Here's the deal. I'm desperate. I moved, and at my new house I can't get DSL, or cable broadband of any kind. Trust me, I've check so many times I'm sick. I've checked Satelite DirecWay Broadband, they've told me that it will absolutely Not work on a Mac. It is a USB connection to a windows machine, that runs software for your connection. They said that If I plan to network it, they don't advise me to do so and do not support it.

Sorry about that. I've got a windows machine (yeah i know), and five macs. Is there a way I can use my windows machine to "connect" to the internet via there goofy software, then run that to my router/WAP, then to my switch/hub, and share my access with my macs?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm really goin' through withdrawl with out my broadband.

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Jan 22, 2002
there shouldn't be any problem with that.....I know in XP there's just a little checkbox you push to turn on internet connection sharing....if it's as simple as that though I dunno


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA

What kind of box is this? USB only? so no Ethernet connection to the box? that seem very strange to me. Software? i dont know much about satalite interent but that sounds strange to me.

as Choppaface said... XP has some buil in routing stuff. you can get 3rd party stuff for older Windows.. but they dont work that good.

I still think there has to be away to just use the connection with your macs..

Sometimes companies say no mac's.... but thats just becuase they cant set up outlook for a Mac... becuase its not in their training manual.

If you have any info about the modem... or what ever it is they use post a link here... i would be intested in seeing what this thing is.



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Sep 8, 2002
first of all...connecting via USB?? ridiculous, these two companies should be stompped out of existence for the good of the IT world. That said,

a friend of mine had the same he solved it:

he got a router that allowed an incoming USB signal (*gag*). he used his windoze machine to set the router as the "dialer" for the service. Then he just let the router dispense IPs like usual and i have actually plugged my TiBook into his network and its worked fine.

oh, and he has that crappy Directtv thing...he uses their tv stuff to:rolleyes:

gotta say i feel for you, i havent had basic dial up since fish year of HS (and i am 22 now). yell at your cable provider!!:D


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Jul 9, 2001
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Microsoft has info on how to set up a windows PC so it will share the internet connection with Macs and other computers/internet devices. Search their knowledge base to find out.


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Jun 18, 2001
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Re: Re: ?

Originally posted by szark

Modem information here and here .

At least there appears to be hope on the horizon:

See this article
wow... USB.. thats just stupid. Thanks for the links, they were very informative. I just cant see why anyone would go and make a networking device like that.. I mean... it just doesnt make a lot of sence at all. Maybe they do that so you cant just hook up a router to it and share the connection (even though you can just do it with XP or Linux)..

There must be some kind of encription key that is placed on your PC so you can connect. They would have to have some kind for enciption for the Box itself (much like how satalite TV and Cable TV works). Mabye they put a second cert on your PC to shake hands with the box so you cant split the connection to many PC's... seems like a wast of time .. its not like it would eat more bandwith. I bet they charge more if you want more nodes on your network

still seems backward