Saudi's teaching the next Bin Laden?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Dont Hurt Me, Jul 11, 2006.

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    A Interesting article looks like they are still teaching hate in the schools in Arabia. Remember if any country attacked us it was this one! This is where the war on terror will be won or lost and I dont hear much about it from paid off Bush & Congress. 8th graders are taught Jews are apes & Christians are infidel swine.
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    I would have to absolutely agree.. my dad (who is a Hindu) worked for a while at a hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He told me that the Saudis hate the United States, while the Saudi Government obviously loves us.. because we're their biggest customers. The Saudis also hate their government (or the kingdom) because of this.

    Additionally, he personally experienced certain mosques blaring out on their loudspeakers (in Arabic) - "Islam is the only true religion. You must kill infidels that belong to other religions" and other vile messages. I think thats sick.. and I have never seen that happen in Bombay (india) or anywhere else I have been. I guess most of the distorted teachers or 'mullahs' are all in the middle eastern countries.. spreading their teachings of hatred to everyone.

    While I am truly neutral and I do believe that Islam is a peaceful religion - most of my friends from India are muslims.. and they are terrific people.. the crazy ones should be weeded out and killed asap. God damn pests. And btw DontHurtMe.. don't generalize all muslims.. they are not all 'terrorists'. I am sure that nobody labels Christians as 'terrorists' when in fact there are multiple neo-nazi groups or whatever.. and they are as bad as these Islamic fanatics.
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    Saudi Arabia is a Wahhabist theocracy. Wahhabiism is a particularly puritanical form of Islam. The fact that most of the monarchy are corrupt, womanising alcoholics is not lost on most of the average Saudi population.
    I can't remember the actual rate but the literacy rate is about 55%. The Saudi government has for years actively pursued a policy of not educating it's citizens in what Western countries would regard as normal studies - sciences, languages etc. They tend to allow religious studies as a sop towards the imams.
    A young, religiously educated population, with no jobs to look forward to. Such are the seeds of revolution.

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