Saudis threaten to de-fund U.N. regarding human rights violations. UN capitulates

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    Riyadh warned Turtle Bay it would pull hundreds of millions of dollars from U.N. programs if it was singled out for killing and maiming children in Yemen.

    Hoping to mollify the Saudis, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement Monday saying he would remove the Saudi-led coalition from the list, pending a review of the matter by a joint U.N. and Saudi panel. The reversal triggered a wave of criticism of the U.N. from human rights groups, who accused Ban of caving to Saudi intimidation.

    *#$#@&^%$! U.N. —— proving itself a worthless, spineless POS year after year. Almost makes me want to vote for a rabidly UN-hating Presidential candidate. I'm almost there Donald. I still don't like you, you racist jerk. But sometimes you look like you're the only viable candidate when it comes to certain issues. :mad:
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    I'm not sure what trump hating the UN would do...
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    Never fear! President Hillary will soon be here!


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