Save a document with iPhoto and display it on your iPod

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    Link: Save a document with iPhoto and display it on your iPod
    Description:: You can save your document as an iPhoto album, one image for each page. If you have an iPod with photo or video capabilities, you can transfer your document’s images to it, and display them on your iPod’s screen or on a display connected to your iPod.

    For example, you could display a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation, and use a song from your iPod as background music. Although any transitions or animations in your presentation will not appear only the individual slides you have saved as a PDF.

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    In terms of the Keynote functionality, you could also make a .mov of the Keynote, and then compress it for iPod.

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    Thanks I will add that to the post!

    The only downside to this I can see is that once your Keynote is converted to a quicktime movie is that you will not have manual control over the presentation although your transitions will be left intact.
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    I actually did this once for my church. the laptop (windows) broke the day before and i just happened to have my iPod on me (but not my laptop) so i took all of the pastors powerpoint slides (about 60 in all) and took them into iPhoto. Like you said the transitions nad stuff no longer worked but the presentation went of without a hitch. Just used my dock and an s-video cable.

    worked like a charm

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