Say No to Police: easy-read solution for every day legal problems

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    What’ya gonna do when they come for you?!

    SAY NO TO POLICE is the ultimate source for your rights and the limits of police and prosecutors.

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    Yes/No answers to the 100 questions every lawyer hears from us. Not a book but an interactive masterpiece of functionalities. This app will protect you from criminal problems if you drive a car, have a roommate, work with others, or just think you should know how to protect yourself from aggressive and intrusive police. Fun and addictive to the touch, this is the app that has Judges and cops calling for this lawyer’s head. You can have his head in your pocket and be totally informed on criminal law.

    It will resolve legal arguments and answer legal questions in a flash! Whatever situation you are in, whatever you need to know, or if you just want to read up on your rights, Say No to Police is an incredibly useful app straight into the palm of your hands.

    - Easily navigated table of contents
    - Index of situations and topics ordered alphabetically
    - Simple Yes/No answers followed by detailed descriptions
    - Written by a very experienced criminal defense attorney
    - Answers many questions one should know about their rights with police
    - An addictive read!

    Simple to the touch it is a plain-English - easy-read rocket ship to fluency in criminal law. Compiled by a prominent U.S. criminal attorney it is cool to scroll through and show others. Load it into your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

    You can recover from a business failure, divorce, or bankruptcy – but not from a criminal record. Know your rights, be informed, be aware, and know how to SAY NO TO POLICE.

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