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    Feb 18, 2010
    My apologies, but I have searched and not come across anything that answers my questions. I am looking for some assistance to spec a Mac Pro to carry out a number of tasks. These include: -

    1/ I shall have about five hours of 8mm film transferred to hard disk drive (external) for me to issue to relatives on DVD's. These films are going to be transferred by a professional studio to an external hdd. Initially it is my intention to issue the unedited films to my relatives (hopefully colour corrected as films go back to 1950's). It is then my intention to put together a single film made up from the five hours of data, with music. I have Final Cut Studio which I will have to learn.

    2/ I have over 1,000 photographs, negatives (individual and negative strips) (both black and white and colour) that I need to scan at the highest possible quality, edit and issue to relatives. the photos vary in size from 30mm by 30 mm to A3 size (297mm by 420mm). Also the photos were taken from 1900'ish to 2009. There are approximately 1,000 photos, 300 slides and 600 negatives. It is my intention to use Aperture and Photoshop for these.

    3/ I am an amateur photographer who currently utilises a number of camera bodies and wish to continue editing photos I take. I currently have about 1,000 Gigabytes of photos stored on an external hdd (edited with a Mac Mini). I like to take photos in RAW format

    4/ I have a Panasonic GH-1 for taking video with at 720P. I am wanting to get into the video editing and production side using Final Cut Studio (for fun and for posterity). None of the films I produce with this are likely to exceed twenty minutes in length.

    5/ I wish to relearn DTP (Adobe Indesign) and creating and editing fairly simple web sites -

    Knowing the tasks I am going to carry out, please will people offer me advice as to what specification Mac Pro I should be going for? Additional questions are: -

    1/ Should I go for a 30" ACD (I already have a 20" ACD)? If I do am I able to plug my two year old 20" ACD in to the Mac Pro with the 30" ACD. I do like working with two screens

    2/ I live in the UK. Where should I buy my RAM from, and how much RAM?

    3/ How many internal hard disk drives, what specs and where to buy from. When I buy them, will I need to buy cables, and HDD trays? I suspect not, but wish to be sure.

    4/ What scanners should I be going for? E.G. a Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED plus what? Or should I pay for the negatives, photos and slides to be scanned by a professional company? Would people also recommend the purchase of an additional internal connectivity card for connecting the scanners, cameras and external hard disk drive?

    5/ Is it worth buying the magic trackpad? I enjoy using a wireless keyboard, but with all the above tasks would it be better to go for the wired keyboard?

    I shall also be using the Mac Pro for documents (MS Office), listening to music and watching BBC iPlayer and movies purchased through iTunes.

    Apologies for being longwinded. I can not afford to go for the highest of specs. What would be the best options for a reasonable cost that would also have a life span for about five years?

    If you have read this far, Thank you.

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    This is the web site that helped me find answers to many of the same questions you are asking - my first mac pro will arrive to tommorow.
    This web site is packed with photography based research.

    Especially check out the sections on choosing and configuring a Mac and the section on the new Westmeres - Good luck Darlene
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