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Discussion in 'Community' started by CompUser, Sep 16, 2005.

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    I must laugh!

    My school switched fully to PCs this year. All the teachers have new HP Desktops and Laptops. My school prides itself on being technically advanced- most teachers have 1 desktop. Science teachers have usually 6 desktops and a personal laptop. There are 4 computer labs in the school filled with these stupid PCs. All of the PCs are P4. Some teacher have interactive white boards. All teachers that do not have smart boards have their PCs able to connect to their wall mounted TVs. Sound pretty good (PC wise)....NOT.

    Ever since the school has switched to PCs it takes at least 15min to "login". Somedays it takes me 15min to log in, other days up to a whopping 30min. Then it takes another 5min to start up word. Then the computers always have programs "not responding". When you save your files you have to save your files on 1 of the 18 network drives that show up.

    I remember with the macs (os 9.x) all you had to do is press the power button, wait for the OS to start. "go under the apple and click on the chooser, click on appleshare, click school name, type in your username and password" and there your folder shows up on your desktop. When your done just drag your icon to the trash. Not that hard and very fast.

    My tech teacher had it (using 10.3) all you had to do was login on the mac os login screen and there pops up the desktop with all your files wherever you saved them. He had eMacs, iMac G4s, some G4s all run off of an Xserve g4.

    Silly school people demanding that everything be PC....
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    Oct 23, 2003
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    Is there a PC network in the world that works properly?

    I work in a major British government department, and we're rolling out our brand new PC's to replace our ageing P3 Compaqs running Win 98.

    And they hang relentlessly. Using Explorer. They just hang suspended in mid air. And if you try and close an app window it often pops up with the 'App Not responding' message. This is the latest version of XP. I'm not a PC hater but they can be so pants
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    Jun 7, 2005
    Right behind you.
    My mother is a high school teacher and her school just went from mac to pc all because of one stupid program that they had to use so parents can check kids' grades online. My stubborn mother told them to get that crappy Dell off her desk and is clinging for dear life to her old imac G3. Now she sits back and laughs at all the other teachers having problems and running around all confused.
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    So when will you be transferring to another school, CompUser? (You aren't thinking of staying there, are you!?) ;)
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    Actually I may be going to a private school that is ALL mac and is even listed on Apples Website because it was the first school in the US to require each student to have an Apple Laptop.

    I thinking of buying an old iBook or PowerBook just to bring in. The computer network is soo slooowww that it is imposible to get any work done.
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    Jul 29, 2005
    A school can switch to MS all they want. Our school uses PC mostly and our Yearbook class uses PC. However since im the techie for the yearbook class, guess what, yearbook was made on a Powerbook G4. Indesign and networking problems make me have to bring my mac to get things done.
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    Feb 27, 2005
    My school = P3's running Win98. Network's never up. Everything crashes. CD-ROM drives are broken, no USB ports... No mouse balls on some...

    The offices have new generic P4's though, all running XP Professional.

    This actually reminds me I need to make my own thread about how to get my school two PowerBooks for the Art/Music/Dance/Theater departments.

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