SCIENCE SERIES! “Dynastid Beetle”

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    Mar 21, 2012
    Year 2012, new discovery about dynastid beetle!
    #1 Paid Education App in South Korea

    The beetle application for iPhone is recently released.

    What kind of environment do beetles live on? How does larva of beetle look like?
    To our children who just got to interested in nature, the beetle application could be fun and good friend.
    Instead of read and understand about nature, you can touch and observe beetle and having fun with your family.

    Dynastid Beetle for iPhone Download>



    [Alive 3D Images]
    Beyond 2 dimensional images such as photo and miniature, you can observe beetle on 3 dimensional spaces. Try to turn around the beetle to observe it on various angles.

    [Fascinating Interaction and Activities]
    Simple touch and control lead the motion to competition activity. It helps observing and understanding beetle with a more fun and interesting way. Also there are little quizzes about what you have known.

    [VOD Information]
    Through original VOD you have never seen before, dynamic nature observations and learning experience are available. And you could understand beetle more specifically.

    Dynastid Beetle for iPhone Download>

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