Scientology labour camp!!

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    I'm posting the link to where I first read the story, (slashdot), and they have various links listed off to other sites including the formal complaint in PDF, and some biography about one of the people accused, I've never liked Scientology but this is a whole new level!!

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    This place is in San Jacinto, California. Just north of Hemet, California. If you want to look it up on Google Maps put in this address: "19625 Gilman Springs Road Gilman Hot Spgs, CA 92583".

    I worked as a medic in this area for years and ran two calls inside of their "compound" during my time there and it is nothing less than creepy. They were always very secretive and had their own medical staff on site, so they would only call us when it was a true emergency, but it was a strange experience to say the least.
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    lol at Jav, nice linkey. Haven't seen that in a while.
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    Then you obviously have never read up too much on the COS. In fact, there are tons of documentaries on Youtube that have been made over the course of the last 30+ years of the corrupt organization such as this one:

    There was one user who posted "The Secret Life of L Ron Hubbard" documentary on youtube. The videos are unavailable (yet still searchable) and the user account has been suspended.

    Scientology is a sick farce and a very litigious, threatening cult. How far does the rabbit hole go? Farther than anyone's been willing to share, no doubt. SeaOrg (a Militaristic chapter, created by Hubbard on his boat that he was sailing on with dozens of followers after being sought by the FBI for fraud and wiretapping during Scientology's "Operation Snow White") the RTC, Labor Camps, the RFP (a form of labor camp with food rationed out scarcely) it's lawyers... It just doesn't end.

    If you've ever listened to L Ron Hubbard's commentaries, it's VERY easy to see that he's a paranoid schizophrenic. In fact, he was found dead while hiding from the FBI, with long hair and and long finger nails, which is very similar to the conditions Howard Hughs could be found in during his schizophrenic episodes...
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    Most "prophets" are nuts or pathological liars. With someone in recent history such as Hubbard, there are videos, personal writings, and eye witnesses to document this. He also dabbled in black magic.

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