Scratches/cracks or residue on the inside of the screen?

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  1. uncannytranny, Dec 10, 2013
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    Dec 10, 2013
    Okay, let me start from the beginning. I bought an iPad Mini (first generation) with a known defect for $80. The defect was that the backlight was not working at all and needed to be repaired. I had to shine a flashlight onto the screen just to view anything. I tried to repair this myself as soldering a certain point is supposed to make it work again. I got really far into the device but I was stopped at the grill that protects the mainboard since I didn't have the right tools. I figured I might as well just close it up and try to ship it out to be repaired by a professional. During the process of opening the iPad, I must have really done something wrong because the digitizer started acting ridiculous. It was registering random touches that weren't there, shaking pictures, typing by itself and acting very odd. So, I sent it in for repair to the backlight and hoped the digitizer issue would be fixed too. This cost $90 total. Now we're at $170 for the iPad. I got it back and tried it out. Hey! The backlight works perfectly, but the digitizer was still bad. So I sent it back out and paid for a digitizer repair with expedited shipping. $270 now. I get it back and everything is working perfectly. Except two little things, the home button feels slightly loose and the screen had no oleophobic coating. I bought some. Now its a $300 investment. I thought nothing of the home button and let it be for about a week. Today, without any abuse I try to use the home button and it wont push down. It's stuck in place as if there is something stuck underneath it. I tried to shake the iPad in hopes of loosening whatever was causing the home button to stick (mind you this is a brand new digitizer + home button) to no avail. Finally, I figure I might as well call the guy and try to see if he can fix it. After taking a look at it again, yet ANOTHER problem has surfaced! The screen has odd looking lines sprouting from within the iPad, not from the surface. What the hell is going on here? I am absolutely furious, having invested many hours of my time and a lot of my money only to get a half working iPad mini with no warranty in return. The repair place in question is CompHorizons in Michigan.

    Anyways, can anyone tell me what is happening to the screen? Any ways to fix the home button? All help is highly appreciated.

    Picture of the cracks/scratches/residue:

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    At this rate, you would have been better off buying a brand new one. I had an iPad 2 screen replaced and the only issue I saw is that the screen wasn't quite fully glee near the camera and home button.

    Every time an issue comes up, they have to remove the entire screen to get inside to fix it, which risks messing up yet another component if they're not careful. I'm guessing a spring under the home button wasn't sitting properly. No way to fix it except to replace the home button cable.

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