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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by kelseypack, Jul 31, 2004.

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    Jul 31, 2004
    ok hi everyone, I have a major problem here. About two weeks ago I got a new PowerBook G4... my first mac! I was so excited, I've been waiting SO long to stop using stuipd windows... anyways it has practically been my baby, I know where it is at all times and what is going on with it and I seriously will not touch it without cleaning my hands first (ok so I'm a bit obsessive... but for three thousand bucks do you blame me?) so anyways I had it in my room today (door closed) on my desk and I was out and about doing random stuff, and then I finally had a free second to go up and do some stuff on it and I get there to find a nightmare come true: I touched the touchpad to wake it up and NOTHIGN happened... then I began to notice other things out of order... my BRAND NEW iPod had been taken off the dock and was now on the floor, right next to my digital camera, isight, cell phone, and iSkin I had on my powerbook to protect the keyboard, that had all been so neatly arragned on my desk. So the first thign I thought to do was hit the power button, and it turned on so apparently it had gotten shut off, and to my UTTER DISMAY once it was all on I noticed my display was COMPLTELTY ****ed up (sorry about the language but I'm slightly losing sight of reality right now and am having a mental breakdown) so I figured out what had happened... my little three year old brother whose life is looking like it's going to be ending PRETTY soon (I swear if I see him I do not know how I will restrain myself) decided to use my THREE THOUSAND DOLLAR LAPTOP as a RACETRACK for his racecars. There was dirt and fingerprints ALL over the screen... so after having a slight breakdown I found the iKlear that I literally bought from teh apple store YESTERDAY in the case that I accidentally sneezed and got spit on the screen (like that would have ever happened) but ya know.. JSUT IN CASE. So I gathered myself and went to town attempting to get all the **** off of my beautiful screen... and to my complete HORROR there are a few spots that AREN'T GOING AWAY. I ran my fingers softly over the spots and I can FEEL that they are scratches and it breaks my heart. Is there ANYTHING I can do to make them go away? I'm so desperate right now and am on the edge of breakdown... so if anyone can help me I would appreciate it SOOOOOO MUCH!! I have applecare for it, I dont know if I should call and see if they can fix it or something but I REALLY don't want to send it back and have them fix it if I can just do somethign myself to make it better... so any advice at all please please please reply or email me or im me... my screen name is kelseypack and my email is thanks for your time!!!
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    Jul 24, 2004
    Twin Cities
    I am assuming that this is a 17" unit for that price. I don't know what you can do for your screen, but here is something that you may be interested in, since you live with a 3 year old antipowerbook.

    It is a screen protector, I haven't gotten mine yet, but I know that this will prevent certain scratches in the future, but not sure whether it will hide it as well since I really can't see your screen.
    I wouldn't do anything to the poor kid, but someday....that one day he gets his ready to strike.

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