Screen Australia dumps Apple for Microsoft

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 2, 2009.

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    From one who likes Australian film.

    I live in the US.

    I have benefited over the decades from many fine films made in Australia and by Australians worldwide. Anything Australians do to further the growth of their art and industry makes this a better planet.

    There is not enough background information in this article for me to possibly judge whether this change from an Apple & PC mix to just PCs makes sense for the new enterprise or the workers from the merged organizations who will staff it.

    It's possible that the push calendaring and contacts of Microsoft Exchange Server were considered strategic in the merged organization. Apple licensed Exchange functionality in their Mac OS X Snow Leopard and iPhone 2.0 and 3.0 products, but does not offer a server equivalent. It may be that the staff that made the decision was unaware of Apple's Exchange support and decided to go Microsoft in whole instead of going with Exchange Server (real or virtual) and the existing mix of Macs and PCs. Finding support staff that is bilingual in Mac and PC is still relatively rare and there is the perception that supporting two desktops is more expensive from a configuration management perspective than one. From a security perspective, this can lead to monocultures, which offer a wider attack surface to malware and from a human perspective, one size does not fit all. Those costs and benefits are admittedly tougher to quantify.

    Still, it seems to me that the mission of the new organization is to support those who make films, not to make films themselves, so on that level, Mac OS X 10.6 vs. Windows 7 may be less important.

    I suppose that I left with two hopes for the new organization. First, that they choose a Cisco or other solution for their network and Yoggie Gatekeeper Pros for their portables that aggressively defend against viruses and malware that the Mac users may not have paid enough attention to in the past. Second, that at as many points in the process as possible that the employees of the new organization are asked for their needs and input to the process.

    I wish the new organization well.
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    Oh noes! a whole 117.6 apple desktops/laptops being replaced?!?!?!?

    Summer Heights High FTW.
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    Don't knock summer heights high bro'.
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    That article read like it was written by a bot! Also, it never answers WHY they're moving from Apple to Windows.
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    It will be no big loss anyway.
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    I emailed the writer of the article with the same question. He told me that he wasn'y given that info but was also interested to know why the switch as it didn't make sense.
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    Probably cost. That's the usual reason.

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