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Screen goes to sleep but can hear Mac running.

Karlos Fandango

macrumors newbie
Original poster
Oct 8, 2020
iMac 2011 - High Sierra.
I've attached a second monitor in the last few days but feel sure it started before that. I put the thing to sleep and after a few seconds it actually does just that. However, I can count five seconds every time and although the screen remains black, I can hear the Mac start-up and it just keeps on running leaving me with no option but to close it down. Grrr...

Any advice? Could a second monitor do this else it must an App running in the background but I haven't installed anything new recently... hang on, I did add 'Display Menu App' ... I'll have to check on that but can't recall seeing anything with its name running in the activity monitor. Additionally I quite Dropbox and One Drive but to no avail.

I'm currently scanning it with AVG Antivirus on the off chance a niggling virus is running but I doubt it

Appreciate any thoughts, Karlos.
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