Screen Hinges busted on my old 17" MBP, should I buy the new one now?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by EtherealMAC, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. EtherealMAC, Nov 7, 2011
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    EtherealMAC macrumors member

    Jan 26, 2011
    Ok, here's my status:

    I have the late 2007 17 Inch MBP ( top of the line then, BTO 2.6 Ghz C2D).

    It still works perfectly well in general, but a few weeks ago the hinges of the display got busted, and although the screen still works perfectly it no longer stands on its own. I have to use the computer by leaning the screen into something behind it ( a wall for example) so the screen would stand still. Apple wants to charge me 500 USD for fixing the hinges (yeah right, as if somebody would pay that). They can be DIY fixed but I gotta order about 150 USD (including shipping) worth of spare hinges from iFixit. I dont think its a good idea to spend more on a computer that is 4 years old, and that I will replace for sure within the next 12-24 months. Besides the workaround of leaning the screen into something works well for the time being.

    Why should I hold on to 4 year MBP you say? Well, simple reaosn is that one year ago, one week before apple care expiring, I took it to the Apple Store cuz I had lotsa black pixels AND I was having issues with the GPU , the Geforce 8600m. It turned out that the GPU was a known issue that merited replacing the logic board, and cuz of the dead pixels they replaced the whole screen as well. Since I felt like I was getting a new computer, I went ahead and put a screaming 750GB 7200 rpm HDD. Bam, the computer felt like new. The screen was then, AND STILL is crysal clear, I swear it looks even better than when I bought it on 2007. So, in short, for anything that is not gaming, this MBP, even with its busted hinges, still works fine.

    So, why I want a new one? Well just cuz this one is 4 years old, I feel I will have to buy a new MBP anyway in the next 12-24 or so months ... so I said, well why not wait for the imminent Ivy bridge redesign? It's coming for sure sometime Q2-Q3 2012...

    BUT I have a problem. I utterly MUST play Battlefield 3 AND Skyrim. Yes I know the "macs are not for gaming yada yada" line, but actually my current MBP has been my gaming machine (besides my work machine) for 4 years, it has worked well cuz I dont need to set stuff to Ultra settings. Besides, owners and beta testers of BOTH BF3 AND SKYRIM have confirmed that they both run very well on the early 2011 high end 15 inch and 17 inch MBPs. Definetely the late October refreshed 15 and 17 MBPs will run them a little bit better. So no problem there.

    So, in my situation, would you buy the 2.5 Ghz top of the line 17 ich MBP now or would you rather bite your tongue and try not commit suicide for not being able to play BF3 and Skyrim for at least 8 months more? (until the Ivy Bridge redesign that is) These games will definetely not even run on my hinge busted late 2007 MBP.

    Please help. Somebody please try to get me into my senses as I will drive my wife crazy with the " I want a new MBP " banter. We do have the money for it, but not necessarily now is the most ideal time to spend it.Should I buy now so I can play BF3 and Skyrim now? Or should I wait till Q3 2012?
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    Nov 6, 2011
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    If you really want to hold out for the ivy bridge and keep your current mbp going i did a quick ebay search which turned up this:

    So $15 bucks plus shipping for the right side and i did see left side as well.\

    But if you really want to buy a new and you can then i would just go ahead and buy one.

    I do have to say BF3 is a pretty awesome game :) and runs very nice on a late 2011!
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    Wait. Ivy Bridge and even smaller architectures are coming out for both CPUs and GPUs. I expect to see something like a 2.9 GHz quad core Ivy Bridge and an NVIDIA GTX 770M in the 2013 MacBook Pro. Smaller architectures (40nm to 24 or so) will mean less heat, less power, and therefore faster hardware in the MacBook Pro. I'm going to wait until 2013.
  4. EtherealMAC thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 26, 2011
    I know I wrote that I was planning to buy a new MBP anyway sometime within the next 24 months, but honestly, I dont think I can wait till 2013 to play BF3 and Skyrim. I think that the absolute longest i can wait is maybe 6-8 months, enough to give a chance to Ivy bridge to come to redesigned MBPs. I agree with you in terms that likely, the 2013 Haswell architecture that will supplant Ivy Bridge is going to have such ridicoulous energy saving capabilities that it will likely least give at least a 30% 40% plus on battery life over Ivy Brigde, maybe even double than the current Sandy Bridge. So in that sense, for those who can wait till 2013, yes by all means do wait. But I don't think I can. The real issue is whether I can/should for Q2-Q3.

    About those hinges in ebay ..... hmmmm, tempting. If i end up buying the current MBP I'll definetely order those anyway so I can have my trusty ol' late 2007 MBP like new again. I'm kinda attached to it, even If I buy the new one.....

    Hmmm ...choices ....choices ....

    Should I buy the hinges on Ebay, repair the screen of my current MBP, and wait till Ivy bridge to play BF3 and Skyrim (and almost die out of desperation in the process) or should I just buy now the refreshed MBP so I can play them now?

    Ahhhhhhhhh.... my head is killing me ............

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