Screen Time locked even after factory reset


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Jan 23, 2020
Hello all, new here. Am having a really hard time trying to figure out this "screen time". Issue is with an iPhone XS and iPad 7th. Gen. Same Apple ID signed into both. Screen time was already set on the iPhone.

So I recently finally upgraded the kids iPads and when doing so at first I turned on screen time on the iPads before realizing I can share across devices. On one of the iPads I believe I used a different screen time passcode then I did on the iPhone and turned on share across devices. Since then no matter, what it tells me incorrect passcode on both devices.

After research it seemed the best thing to do would be to backup/restore from backup and then turn off screen time immediately. I did that to both the iPad and iPhone and then once both were reset and back up and running I setup family sharing and turned on screen time only on the iPhone and when I did it's as if it remembered the settings before reset and locked me back out. Weird since it allowed me to turn it off completely without needing a passcode after reset and restore. It even remembered the failed attempts.

My goal is to setup family sharing properly so I can manage the kids phones via screen time from my own phone. All I'm finding online is "Reset/Restore".

I actually bought my first Mac a MacBook Air 2 years ago hoping to manage their phones with Apple Configurator only to find out not too long after I got my MacBook Apple discontinued the program.

I don't necessarily have to use screen time, but I've yet to find an MDM that can't just be removed without needing approval.

Thanks for any advice/input. Sorry for the lengthy post.
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