Screenshot all Spaces/monitors?


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Oct 21, 2008
Nantes, France
Hi all,

Does anyone know of a way to screenshot all Spaces on all monitors?
I don't believe this is a built-in feature, but maybe via small separate app?

Nothing showed up, even remotely close, in all my searches — am I the only one potentially needing this?
It's because I constantly have all my setup over so many Spaces, but in the event of a computer failure (and this always happens in the worst moment), it's so frustrating, I can never quite remember what went where... So I thought by having a quick "screenshot all" shortcut (or even automatically on a regular basis), would keep me happy.
Any suggestions or thoughts will be appreciated!



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Jan 17, 2020
'cmd shift 4' lets you drag a box to the size/area required but I've never tried it on multiple screens?
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Dec 30, 2009
On this computer I have 2 monitors, and the built-in screenshot utility lets me screenshot both monitors at the same time.
5K+4K = a 17MB screenshot

CMD+SHFT+4 also allows to quickly drag a border across all monitors and capture both in one shot.

For the built-in , Applications / Utilities / Screenshot app

I'm still old school, I don't use Launchpad. I just have the Applications/Documents/Downloads Folder on my dock.
Then you can add the screenshot app to the dock if you use it often enough so it is much quicker to get to.

Also a very quick way to find apps on macOS is to hit CMD+SpaceBar. They are side by side so it's very quick to open spotlight/search bar type "screenshot" and it should show up immediately.

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Jan 17, 2020
Good to know (Sorry if I confused folks by suggesting hitting alt/option instead of shift) Maybe one day I'll have two screens to try it out on too