scriptus - quick and easy text and audio note taking with Dropbox sync

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    [​IMG]scriptus - quick and easy text and audio note taking with Dropbox sync



    'In summary, I really like scriptus, in fact I’m kinda blown away by it, and I anticipate that it’s going to become one of my composition platform mainstay tools.'-

    'Der gute alte Notizblock hat ausgedient: Die iPad-App "scriptus" lässt Sie alle Ihre Ideen bequem auf dem Apple-Tablet sammeln und festhalten - entweder in Textform oder als Audioaufnahme.' -

    'scriptus - quick and easy note taking has some most intriguing and useful tools in a note app including an enhanced keyboard, more ways of exporting and sync files as well as a large number of fonts.'

    'definitely an app that is suited for people of all ages, young and adults. The app is created with a good purpose, which makes it as a must-try application.
    ...nicely done and it deserves a chance to be stored on your device.' -


    Write quick and beautiful notes:

    →Audio and text notes;

    →Simple interface and easy to use;

    →Forward delete button;

    →Search text;

    →Text to speech in multiple languages, rate and pitch;

    →Statusbar On and Off;

    →Auto-Capitalization On and Off;

    →Auto-Correction On and Off;

    →Several themes with different background and text color;

    →Choose between all available iOS fonts to display your notes;

    →Extra shortcut keys in keyboard for easy text input, as well as buttons to create enumerations;

    →Emoji support;

    →Saves audio even with the application in background;

    →Autosave feature: no need to save your notes;

    →Control the screen brightness without leaving the application;

    →Undo/Redo system;

    →Increase/Decrease the text;

    →Two fingers to move cursor and three to select text;

    →Multiple ways to export your notes ( print , copy , email, text, TXT, PDF, facebook, twitter, Weibo, 'open in', Wi-Fi, iTunes, Message, Airdrop...);

    →Copy you notes to your computer via iTunes;

    →Supports all orientations;

    →Share notes over a local Wi-Fi HTTP server;

    →Sync notes with Dropbox;

    →22 beautiful page themes;

    →16 beautiful app background themes;

    →New design and interface;

    →External keyboard support;

    →Word and character count;

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    Wow, it looks great! I'm not sure about the page themes though.
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    Thanks :)

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