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Search in Apple Music...!?


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Jul 18, 2001
I really like AM, but the search function is extremely retarded. I just wrote this to Apple:

I have thought about writing this you for a long time, but somehow I have hoped that you should've noticed this yourself.

However, there are some really strange search behaviors in Apple Music that I think you should address.

1. Searching for an artist doesn't always work as one would think. Try to enter "DJ Rae" in the search field.
You see a lot of hits, but no artist called "DJ Rae". (or no song or album either)
However, if you press "Show all", there he is, four rows down!
None of the other hits even contain the word Rae!? Some contains "DJ", but certainly not the majority.
I think the search result is *really* strange!

2. If you write an artist name together with a song name, one would think that you should be presented with that.
As it is now it's totally unreliable what you see.
Andres Newman have made a song called "You and me against the world".
Now and then you don't know the entire song or artist name, so a typical search could be: "you and me andres".
If you try and search for this you will get a bunch of strange result, where neither the artist name or song name contains any of these words!?

How are you supposed to do a descent search? If you compare this to Spotify, it makes a nano second long search, and presents the correct song as the first result, together with related material further down. Very logical.

My suggestion for improvement is:
Present songs/artists/albums that is exactly what you typed as the first suggestion.
If that doesn't exist, present songs/artist/albums that at least contains ALL of the searched words.

Combine this with a button named "Extend Search" that extends the search to whatever strange criteria you are using now. And explain why the result is what it is, because nobody understands why something is showing up as it is now.


PS. And please, make it faster. DS.

Have I misunderstood something or am I the only one that have noticed this?


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May 10, 2016
I have noticed that. I'll also add to the list...

There are TONS of artists that share a name with a different artist who just happens to have the same name, yet they are all grouped as one. It's really annoying, especially when you get an alert thinking one of your favorite artists has released a new song, only to find out it's some other random band that clearly isn't the one you fancy. I don't think this problem is unique to AM though.

What IS unique to Apple Music however, is the inability to force an upload on incorrectly matched tracks. I've written Apple over the years since AM launched about this issue to no avail.
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