Secondary monitor choice - hdmi Or dvi

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by treehorn, Aug 23, 2010.

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    Due to the fact that I have two machines I use to load in footage into FCP that need a rca or svhs input on a monitor (or tv) to make any menu settings, I was looking at getting a basic small LCD for my office (versus lugging the machines to a tv, making the changes and bringing them back)

    Then I found the Samsung P2570HD 24.6" Touch of Color Widescreen LCD HDTV Display, which connects via VGA + DVI + component, which I thought would be an ideal option as I could hook it up to my 2008 MacPro via Dvi and use it as a second monitor if needed (likewise a tv when needed)

    Now that I'm thinking of getting an intensity pro hdmi card, I'm wondering if using that as a connection for the second monitor/tv would be as good (if not better ) option, as I would have more options in purchasing a basic hdmi tv for my needs.
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    Using a computer screen for serious evaluation of youre footage is just not possible. Other color room, etc.

    So you need a (more or less) serious monitor. I have bought a professional CRT on marktplaats (dutch ebay) which helps me very well. Certainly not top of the bill, or even enough for 'official' color grading, but, well I'm not in Hollywood and it grades good...

    And to connect that, you need a breakout box/card. Like the intensity pro you are thinking of. I have bought a matrox mxo2 mini, it is worth checking that out. Combined with my 2008 macbook pro and an ordinary second computer lcd (dvi) I have quite a good set :)

    Grtz, Richard

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