Section from stimulus bill..what's this mean?

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    I had the pleasure of listening to my friend complain about how the stimulus package including $200 Million to fix the grass at the Washington monument which does not make any sense, he probably just heard Rush say something and decided to repeat it. I took upon myself to dig and see what I could find and sure enough there is money in there but not for grass, it's to revitalizing the National Mall which sounds like a fine use of some money. Anyway, what's the second part of this mean?

    Does that mean they will spend 100 Million on the project and if some charities raise 100 Million themselves they will throw in the other half?

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    It's sort of hard to tell without knowing what section 1106 says.
    But, Yes, I'd say that 50% of the cost must come from private sources.
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    A lot of times, the feds will provide matching funds if the municipal entity puts up the other half. In this case, I would hazard a guess that they're talking about Washington D.C (the city) providing the initial funds, and the feds providing the match.

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