seeking advice - any astronomy hobbyists?

Discussion in 'Community' started by chibianh, Feb 7, 2004.

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    Since I was a young lad, I've always been interested in astronomy. I enjoy watching the stars, seeing pictures of galaxies, nebulaes, planets in our solar system, reading about discoveries of new planets, and the strides NASA is making now with their rovers as well as their future plans.

    However, I have never owned my own telescope! I am hoping there is someone on this great board that knows a bit or two about astronomy and telescopes. I just turned 21 and have some money saved up and am looking for a decent telescope to look at the heavens with. I don't know much about telescopes so I'm asking for advice on what to get. My budget is roughly $1000. My old neighbor used to have a Celestron C8 (?) and it was a very nice telescope. I was hoping to get something like it. Also, one with a computer "guide" (either built-in or via connection to my Mac) to locate and point the telescope at the object I want. So, any suggestions?

    Another thing I'm wondering is, what are some decent astronomy software out there? I've tried Celestia, very cool, but not too informative. I've heard Starry Night is good but have never used it. Are there anything else? Thanks.
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    If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck i would say a Dobsonian Newtonian reflecter. Its all about grabbing the most light. but if you want something that can be moved a little easier i would look into schmidt cassegrain with a motorized mount that way you can follow stuff as the earth moves. I built a 8" newtonian dobsonian from scratch and its good for the closer planets and moon but its a pain to keep moving it. celestron,meade and orion are good places to start. go to their web sites and see if you can get some brochures sent to you. $1000.00 will get you a nice scope and dont forget to get a good wide view plossl lens for that scope. 1 more thing consider if you want a scope for the planets or a scope for the stars. Planets to me are more fun. good luck

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