Sell iPad 3rd gen 16gb and upgrade to 32gb or wait?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by mgsnat75, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Aug 17, 2011
    So I'm having a bit of remorse from buying a 16gb iPad. After 3 months of use I find that 16gb isn't enough for my music, movies and especially apps. Do you guys think I should sell it and get a 32gb version or should I wait for next bump? I have a Mac but its much more convenient to pop out my iPad when doing quick work, watching movies in between my classes and meetings and taking notes and laying around my campus listening to music or watching movies and playing games as well. As you can tell I use my iPad more than my Mac.
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    Sounds like an entirely personal decision.

    There is a very tiny chance of an iPad refresh in October. I hugely doubt it, but I'd at least wait until the rumored iPad Mini announcement then.

    In the mean time, I'd move my music and movies to the cloud and stream. I assume your campus has wi-fi.
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    I'd suggest something like this as a temporary (if not permanent) solution. By way of specific recommendation, you can use software like AirPlayIt (free in the App Store and the Mac-side software is free as well) to stream music and movies. I use it for streaming over my home wireless network, but it has an option to create an internet-facing server that you can access from anywhere. There are a number of settings for the bitrate and such, so you can adjust it for better performance if you're on a slow network. There's also an option to have it encode and then send the video (or presumably songs) to you; useful if you know you'll be going into a place without internet and want to load something onto your device so that you'll still be able to access it.

    The only downside to AirPlayIt at this point is lack of softsub support. It's there, but it doesn't work. There are other solutions similar to AirPlayIt that aren't free, but that support softsubs (and presumably the rest of AirPlayIt's features).
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    Sep 10, 2012
    Don't do it ...

    I ALWAYS buy the biggest/best when getting these sorts of things to prevent the problems which you currently face.

    You should always think of the future, especially with these devices because media takes up a lot of space.

    However, the reason I began with "don't do it ... " is because they will be refreshed in February (ish) so just wait and buy the newer model, in the max capacity.

    I love my 64gb "new" iPad but I know that a better one will be with us in just a few months.

    I'd say wait ...

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