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    SEOPingler – Fast pinging the URL you want


    SEOPingler is a SEO tool that pings the largest search engines with a URL address. Probably, since now you have been waiting for a very long period of time, your site to be pinged. Well, now we have made this new software that will help you to ping your site within a few seconds.


    This software will help engines to find easier the updated or the new part of your site. As I said after pinging a URL, search spiders visits the target page within a few seconds and crawls the page. Also SEOPingler is a great SEO tool for link bilders. It is a desktop application developed for Mac devices.

    In the base of SEOPingler is the XML – RPC push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server which content has been updated. An XML – RPC signal is sent to ping servers which can generate a list of blogs that have some updates. SEOPingler is software which can be used very easy straight from your desktop. It supports the following crawls:

    • Google;
    • Yahoo;
    • Syndic8 and many others;

    SEOPingler can be used for easy and fast pinging. It has an user – friendly interface and is very easy to use. So next time you want to ping some website check for SEOPingler on the Mac AppStore.
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    You can also use and to ping stuff.

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