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Series 6 Reboot loop of Death


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May 24, 2020
I have a series 6 with OS 7.0.1 that is stuck in a continuous bootcycle, completely bricking the watch.
Not sure if this issue has been posted elsewhere. I searched the forum and read through a couple of threads but didn’t find this particular issue so assume it’s new or uncommon.

It started a few days ago with an occasional spontaneous reboot and now the watch infinitely restarts. I tried decoupling (phone 11 with OS 14.0.2), completely removing the watch from my iCloud account, fully draining watch battery and recharge after 1 day. Unfortunately nothing helped to resolve the issue. Reached out the Apple support, they had no clue (not even the “senior” advisor) and now I need to return the watch to Apple so they can reset it.

Unfortunately, I traded my series 3 in for the series 6. On my series 3 I was running OS 7.x.x, which was also unstable, spontaneously rebooting every couple of days but at least not bricking the watch.

Have others had this issue with series 6 and been able to fix it themselves?


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Nov 17, 2008
I’ve heard of it with the Series 3 but nothing later other than yours. Might be a hardware failure. Rare but it happens.


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Nov 1, 2009
Series 6 Cellular here. Mine is doing the same exact thing. It started as a few random reboots, and now it's doing it every time I interact with the watch basically. the only thing I can get it to do is show the Now Playing screen if I'm already listening to something when it reboots, but as soon as I try to do anything else, it reboots


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Jul 29, 2013
Series 6 Cellular here, too. I can wear the watch from about 7 AM to 3 PM, when it starts rebooting non-stop. I have already returned one for doing the exact same thing. 7.0.2.


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Oct 3, 2019
A HillTop Lair
Same thing here. My series 6 cellular started randomly rebooting about 3 times a day to permanently stuck in a reboot loop. Apple is sending me a new one to replace it.
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