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Jun 30, 2005
How can I set on iOS all the email accounts i own? Im ok with the yahoo and hotmail accounts, because I can use them with the appropriate apps that yahoo and outlook have. I don’t know how to set my email at work. How do I begin?

Erehy Dobon

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Feb 16, 2018
You begin by asking your company's IT department for assistance. You don't "own" [sic] your work e-mail. Your employer does.

Many companies have very specific written policies about accessing company technology resources either from a company-issued device or a personal one.

Most will enforce a certain level of security. For example, they may say you can't just use a phone without a password even though you might prefer the convenience.

It is quite possible that they will have you sign an agreement that allows the IT staff to have access to your device and that you may be required to unlock the device or give your password for administrative access.

And this isn't just for e-mail. Same with access to the company's wireless networks. Access to internal servers, documents, printers, etc.

The company may also have very specific guidelines on appropriate use of the device at work or while performing duties specific to your job.

Note that receiving work e-mails on a personal device is a double-edged sword. At some places, if you are receiving work e-mails on your personal device your colleagues may take this as an open invitation to send you work-related communications at every moment, even on weekends. Some of them may even start to expect prompt answers.

Of course, no one here knows the specific rules of your company. You need to ask them.
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