Shall I Buy It? (2nd Hand)


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Sep 13, 2012
I've ordered an iphone 5 at £530 ... but this 4 week wait is killing me!

somebody has posted online that their 2 week old iPhone 5 for £470 ONO as they can't get on with it ... shall i go see it and bite the bullet? may not have a receipt but think it's worth it?


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May 3, 2011
If you are desperate and it is a reputable seller then go for it. £60 saving and you won't need a receipt for warranty purposes.


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Jan 31, 2008
Honestly I think you will regret it for being impatient.

It just leaves too many questions. No receipt? AppleCare? Already scratched or not? Bent? Stolen? Refundable? Original owner registered device then claim it was stolen, etc.

Just sit and wait. If you didn't preorder on day 1, you knew it would be a while from previous iPhone launches.


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Jun 6, 2010
I bought my iPhone 5 second hand on Gumtree. It was in perfect condition and the seller showed me a receipt and we had a lot of communication before hand when we met up. I did thoroughly quiz him about every aspect of the device first...focusing on the cosmetic and origin of the was it an upgrade? Pay N Go? From Apple Store? Unfortunately though it developed a speaker fault (buzzing noise) and had to be exchanged at a Genius Bar for another, but this was a week after I bought it. (The Apple replacement had scratches but that's a whole different story)

I would recommend getting as much information as possible about the phone. Where it was purchased, proof of some kind, ID of the person, plus either a full description of the condition or photos or definitive answers to your questions. (eg. Are there any scratches/scuffs on the metal part of the phone, including minute imperfections?) If they give you short answers or ignore them then you can tell a lot about the seller. If you meet up to purchase it, meet in a public place (Starbucks or such like) and if you inspect it and find there are marks on it, don't be afraid to refuse it. Make this clear when communicating to them prior to meeting up. I also insisted the seller un-register it from their Apple Support Profile page so you can re-register it to yourself. This will make it easy if you need to go to Apple for another issue, should one arise.
All this is based on if you physically meet up, if you plan to get it delivered via post I can't comment on that, only to say I would never buy it without seeing it first, so it's not an option for me!

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