SHARP Glass-based CPU prototype

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    Oct 17, 2002
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    Interesting, but I don't see any article like that on from the link you gave us? Sure it's there and you werent dreaming?:rolleyes:
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    Glass is made from silicon - and I saw the article and you need to send yourself a link via email and post that one, the link you gave it for your own login.

    Its interesting, but until they actually deliver it, well, its a wait and see item.

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    glass-based CPU prototype

    Sharp unveils glass-based CPU prototype
    [] 11:07

    Sharp on October 22 unveiled a prototype of an 8-bit, 2.5MHz, glass-based central processing unit (CPU). Jointly working with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL), the company has successfully formed microprocessor circuitry on glass 15mm square and 1mm thick by employing its continuous grain silicon (CGS) technology.

    Sharp hopes its invention will pave the way to development of ultra-thin sheet computers and TVs. The company expects to have some products, like games machines or mobile phones, equipped with this type of glass-based CPU, available by 2005.

    Sharp currently uses CGS technology to produce system LCDs, LCD panels with built-in driver IC circuits.Shih-wei Kao
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