Shootapalooza: Springfield, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, NYC, Boston

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by FrankieTDouglas, Mar 21, 2010.

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    Around the end of May, for my trek from Louisiana to Maine to teach at the Maine Media Workshops, I'm stretching it out to 11 days and hitting up 7 cities. Around 12 photo shoots with local actors and models from the areas will be created. At the moment, I'm looking at Springfield, MO, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, NYC, and Boston.

    I've been to a few of but not all of these cities so I'm also relying on locals to help me with locations to shoot at. I generally spend around 2-3 hours setting up a scene and going over blocking.

    Is anyone from these areas? Do you have any suggestions for cool or interesting areas to photograph in? I'm not really trying to find spots that scream "I'm in THIS city!" Just, nice areas. I have a book of concepts and scenes, just will need locations to mold.

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    what types of locations do you prefer? urban? verdant? Do you need spots that are comparatively empty of other people? That get natural light, particularly just after sunrise or before sunset? That have enough space to get X distance away from the subject?
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    It's honestly pretty open. The ideas vary from one shot to the next, so I'm seeing what type of areas could be available and I base which ideas to use off of that, and off the actors/models that sign on board. Quirky spots do offer something that I would enjoy exploring.

    Both urban or country settings could be utilized. I can plan my drive to whichever spot in a certain city has the nicest pull.

    Empty of people isn't an issue. If shooting in those areas requires permits, would need to know that, though. Light is a controllable variable. I have a trunk of studio equipment being used on location. Not interested in generic studio spaces. I want to use the landscapes available specific to different regions for "sets."
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    Oct 21, 2009
    Among the starlings
    OK, I have no idea about permit requirements, but here are a few ideas (EDIT: For NYC):

    - Central Park: (duh, but also done a lot). I especially recommend Bethesda Terrace, the bandshell, or the avenue (don't know what it's called) approaching the bandshell. There's also a very nice flower garden near the theater and castle, and another near Strawberry Fields.

    - Washington Square Park or Union Square: Busy urban gathering places

    - Times Square: They've now closed part of the street to vehicular traffic, so there's a giant pedestrian plaza right in the middle of the street

    - Queens Waterfront in the Hunter's Point area: awesome view of Manhattan skyline over the East River (nice sunsets too); some cool old industrial shipping equipment left on the bank, and a huge old CocaCola sign

    - 59th and 5th: Apple store aside, there's usually a modern and sometimes interactive sculpture near the park entrance; they change what's there every few months

    - Financial District: several plazas with iconic giant modern sculptures

    - Queens Waterfront in Astoria Park: the park is between two bridges: the Triborough (now called the RFK, but it's still the Triborough to locals) and the Hellgate, both of which are known for their architecture

    - Riverside Park near 72nd St: gorgeous sunsets over NJ, more old industrial detritus, and a very modern park.

    - Brooklyn Bridge (self-explanatory)

    - Columbus Circle: interesting statuary, fountains

    - Lincoln Center: modern architecture, fountain, lots of open space; unique white color

    - There's a cool urban plaza at (I think) 11th Ave between 35th and 36th, across from the Javits Center, that's usually deserted; some interesting shapes in the concrete structures, and I think you can climb on some of them.

    - There's another urban plaza between 33rd and 34th just east of 8th Ave, with a funky pyramid thingie that has plants growing out of it.

    - Any of dozens of tiny parks in Greenwich Village
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    Mar 10, 2005
    Oh, fantastic! These are all going into my trip sketchbook for topic points and ideas to research.
  6. someoldguy macrumors 68000

    Aug 2, 2009
    Here's some more NYC stuff :

    Fort Tryon Park and the Cloisters

    both the Bronx and Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

    The Staten Island Ferry

    There's a bunch of small urban greenspaces between the high rises in the area of 50th st. and 7th Av. . Don't know the exact locations off hand but one has a walk through waterfall. Gotta wander around to find them

    Liberty State Park in NJ . Great views of lower Manhattan .

    The area around Van Vorst Park in Jersey City .... Lots of Brownstones.

    The area around the Pulaski Skyway in NJ , lots of industrial sites , bridges

    The Jersey side of the GWB , particularly Palisades Interstate Park.

    Coney Island . (always seems strange and melancholy to me)

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