Shoppie HD - a great new shopping list app with iCloud Sync

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    Jun 9, 2011
    Hi guys, we are proud to announce our new app - Shoppie HD for the iPad!

    What is Shoppie?
    Shoppie is a sleek, beautiful and easy to use shopping list and planner and can be using for your everyday grocery list to even christmas shopping needs!

    How is Shoppie different to the rest?
    Shoppie will calculate the total price of your shopping list for you! Shoppie even has the option to only calculate only the items that have been "checked off" so you will always know the total cost of your shopping event before you pay at the counter!

    Designed with quick navigation in mind, users can simply "swipe" to their various shopping list with quick item adding. Shoppie is developed with iCloud compatibility, so you can sync your shopping list to your various iOS devices.

    The key features in Shoppie are:
    - Multiple shopping list.
    - iCloud support. (data syncing and store)
    - AirPrint support.
    - Email your shopping list to your family and friends.
    - Price calculation of your shopping list. (There is also an option to only add up the prices for "checked" items as well)

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