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Shortcut Widget / Control Center for Smart Light Bulbs


Original poster
Sep 15, 2016
Berlin, Germany
I would like to use either a shortcut widget or control center where I can press e. g. "living room" or "bed room" and it turns on / off ALL lights in that dedicated room. For example, my living room has two lights but control center only shows me the individual lights and not the rooms. Therefore not all all lights fit into control center to quickly turn on / off lights in bed room, living room or bathroom. I would very much prefer for control center to show me the scenes "bedroom" "living room" and "bath room" to quickly turn ALL lights on and off. For some reason it even showed it like that in the control center ONCE but since then, it shows all lights individually and they don't fit.

In short, is there no way to choose between "scene favourites" (rooms) and "device favourites" (individual lights) in the control center?

THEN I figured I could use the shortcut app to make a widget for the home screen. I managed to add one but is it possible to add two functions to one "button"? e. g. press once, it turns on the light, press it again and it turns it off again? right now I have to waste two spots just to turn off and on the light in the bed room ... id like to have "living room on / off" and "bed room on / off" next to each other

Hope this makes sense ...


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