(Should I be) worrying about the battery on my MacBook Pro 15"


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Jul 4, 2010
So, on my old macbook, a macbook 13" from 2006 the battery swelled up after four years, swelling so much it did not fit into its alloted slot anymore. I carried on using it, minus the battery (just plugging the power cable in the mac and using "direct power" or whatever.)
I eventually bought a new one, but now that my new one is three years old (MacBook Pro, 15" from 2011) I'm just worried the same will happen. And with this model, the battery is integrated so it'll cause a bigger problem.

What caused this to my old mac? Can it happen to the MacBook Pro 15" 2011?

PS: (Dont hate me) I rarely turn the mac completely off, and just close the top, leaving it in sleep mode during the night. Is that what caused the battery problem in the old one? Over use? Should I make sure to turn it off more than once a week (like I do now)?

Thanks in advance. I have no knowledge of these things and am at your mercy here. Feel free to mock and ridicule me, but please add a real reply to the end of that message.



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Mar 20, 2013
Supposedly the newer built-in batteries shouldn't swallow as the type of battery technology has changed. You should be fine, but even if it did begin to swallow the "service battery" indicator should go on in the little drop down menu for the battery.