Should I buy a 2019 macbook air now?


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Aug 20, 2015
I seriously can't imagine how people can survive with 128GB of hard disk in a computer, unless you have an iMac/another computer at home.
I have an older MacBook Air that unfortunately has 128 GB. For really light uses like writing and stuff, it's usable. I end up relying on iCloud storage a lot, and I have to make sure that whatever I want access to, I've right-clicked the folder and picked "download now" to make sure it's there. I definitely wouldn't spec a new Mac with a 128 GB drive, but I don't think it's a total dealbreaker for being able to use it, provided you aren't working with a lot of big media files. I suppose the exception might be a desktop machine or a machine that lives on a desk and can be plugged into an external hard drive all the time. In that case it doesn't matter as much how big your internal is.