Should I buy a discount TiBook?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by scooterspud, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. scooterspud macrumors newbie

    May 30, 2003
    My university is selling the 1ghz, superdrive Tibooks for $1999, brand news and complete with (old) airport and 3 year applecare included. Is this something I should go for? I mean, I need a new mac -- someone got me an ipod, and my old iMac doesn't have firewire! Since the 15" AlBooks aren't here (and I probably wouldn't want to pay $2500+ for one), it's either the Tibook, a 12" PB or 14" ibook. Any thoughts?
  2. iShater macrumors 604


    Aug 13, 2002
    Re: Should I buy a discount TiBook?

    The current price for that machine from the Apple Store is $2,599.00. Most likely that will be the price for the next 15" machines, and these "older" ones will drop down in price, but probably not enough to make the deal you are getting a bad one.

    Remember, Apple Care is expensive.
  3. happywok macrumors newbie

    Jul 17, 2002
    Re: Should I buy a discount TiBook?

    I agree that it'll be a pretty fair deal even after the TiBooks get EOL'd.

    I've love my 667 DVI but:
    a)it's easy to chip and I have a lot of chips. Be gentle.
    b)the paint above the cd is blistering. Not much you can do about this.

    I mention these things because I'm sure they'll affect the resale value.

    Good luck.

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