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    Apr 3, 2003
    hopefully, a newbie will do a search before posting any more of those "should i buy..." posts. :D

    1) if you are thinking about powerbooks, esp. the 15", wait until the 16th for the paris mac expo. however, there's a chance the update won't happen for quite a while and may just be a speed bump for 12/17".

    2) if you are thinking about ibook, there hasn't been much rumors lately. if you need it now, get it now. if you don't and are patient, be ready to wait a while for an update...

    3) some g4's are gone from the list (namely, dual 1.42) so what's available on the apple store is all the g4's available "officially"

    anyone with comments on imac updates?

    as always, if you need the computer now, just buy one. it's a waste of time waiting furiously for rumors to come true (or not.) newer machines will not make your existing computers to run slower!

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