Should I come off unlimited data on an iPhone

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by abz1981, Aug 15, 2013.

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    Hey all

    Currently I have an iPhone 5 my carrier won't support LTE on it due to the fact the bands it uses does not support the current iPhone 5. However LTE will be released in my area by the end of the year. If the next iPhone supports all worldwide LTE bands then i am thinking if i get it. The best plan I will be able to get will only give me 8 GIG data a month.

    At the moment I am on unlimited data and currently use about 2 gig a month maybe 3 at times but maybe more. Now I am thinking that my carrier will support DC-HSDPA by the end of August. So I am thinking should I just stick with my current iPhone 5 and enjoy the benefits of faster 3G going onto 4G on DC-HSDPA with unlimited data. Or make the switch to LTE with 8 gig a month data with the next iPhone providing (which it should) support all LTE bands.
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    It's O2 in the UK
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    I'm on three who run DC-HSPA and I have no problem achieving 15-20Mbps most places. It goes higher too.

    I also have an O2 iPhone simplicity tariff with unlimited data.

    O2 despite their poor 3G coverage are the most stable and consistent. They have decent capacity most places so if they really do launch DC-HSPA unlimited data will be extremely useful if it achieves similar speeds that i see on three.

    Don't forget some EE users only see around 25Mbps. Some get higher but even 10Mbps should be adequate with minimal waiting to stream HD video.

    If O2 step up on coverage and speed the unlimited plan could be quite valuable - unless they speed cap 3G.
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    I am on a very old plan so hence the unlimited data I currently get lol.
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    Sorry for reviving an 'old' thread.

    I'm still on a 30 day rolling iPhone Simplicity 20 tarriff with O2. Today they crippled my speed for breaching the 'fair usage policy'. Have been getting the run around trying to find out what the actual 'cap' is on this so called 'unlimited' tariff.

    Anyone have any idea? They seem not to be willing to publish or divulge over the phone, an actual number. I have a PAC code ready and waiting as a result. If they can't lift the temporary restriction, I'll wave good bye to them after many many many years.

    Apparently, 'the network' automatically imposes the speed restriction and there isn't an O2 employee anywhere on the face of the earth who can reverse this! (which, I don't believe obviously).

    "lift the restriction or give me a PAC code' - so they gave me a PAC code, on the spot over the phone! "retentions" my @ss!

    I just find it extraordinary that they can accuse me of breaching a policy but at the same time, can't point me towards a policy that specifically defines 'fair usage' in real-world terms (i.e. anything in excess of X GB in a X day period).

    All the stuff on their website only refers to 'extreme usage that affects other customers ability to enjoy the network'. I don't think 5GB over 27 days can be considered to be 'extreme'!? It's also the first time that I've ever actually used that much data, and this is what they do!
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    No you should switch to a Carrier who still has Unlimited Data. Coming off Unlimited Data with Verizon was a Big Mistake for me, and I ended up owing them a lot of money for missed payments and the Early Termination Fee.
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    For what it's worth, I managed to get through to someone at O2 who said they'd dig out the relevant T&C's and call me back.

    The 'soft cap' on sim-only (iPhone Simplicity 20 in my case) old unlimited data tariffs is 3GB per month.

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