Should I go to MacWorld??


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Jul 16, 2002
Los Angeles
Hey dudes,

I'm in Colorado and my sis recently moved to SF....anyhoo, she's planning on going to MacWorld, and hopefully, she'll catch the keynote....

she's invited me ou to SF to check it out with her, but I'm not too high on flying and flying right in that way, is it worth it??? If it is an amazing event, I'll definitely go....

in particular, if I went, I would definitely go the Final Cut Pro seminars, iPod seminars, and other stuff relating to digital video things

THANKS! all comments are appreciated....


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Oct 9, 2002
Sydney, Australia
i went to one in sydney w/o steve and it was ok. the upcoming SF macworld is supposed to be really good this time based on the rumors
Man! It's totally up to how much you love Steve.

The keynote is the single most exciting thing to check out among the whole show. The exhibition itself has not been so cool for me except for one occation in which I wanted to see the actual Cinema Display... long time ago.

I've never seen the keynote in person, but I imagine it would be like going to a live concert. You can always check it out via the net, but there's nothing like actually being there and do woos and ahs with bunch of Mac fanatics.

If you have money to hop on a plane, go for it!

To get into the keynote, expect to wait in a long line early in the morning.


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As yamadataro said, it all depends on your love for Macs. I've been to the keynote both times I've went to Macworld... last time I even got a VIP pass :D Let's just say I know some people :p

And again, as yamadataro said, it's like a concert. Your favorite celebrity is on stage, and you just want to get nearest to him as you can... I got front row seats last time :D

And the Macworld itself is pretty cool too, you get to check out lots of cool products some small companies make... well, at least at the Tokyo Macworlds. You also usually get special discounts on stuff if you buy it there.

All in all, it is definetely worth to go. Too bad Macworld Tokyo was cancelled this year.. grrr :mad:



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Originally posted by HasanDaddy

how good are the discounts, btw??
Well Apple doesn't give discounts, so it's not like the discounts are fixed, but here at Macworld Tokyo many of the local Mac store booths have Macworld discounts, usually between 20% and 50% on everything from keyboards to games to RAM.

I don't know about MWSF, but I would guess they would have the same kind of thing.