Should we get this eMac?

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  1. niter macrumors 6502

    Sep 9, 2003
    I am an Apple user, FH is a Windows user. I have been planning to one day purchase an eMac with a Superdrive (sometime before I graduate in the next two years). It is one of those things that is not needed immediately, so I figured I would wait until I actually have the stuff I want to use the computer for (video camera to use iMovie and subsequently iDVD).

    In December, FH's grandmother wanted to start using a computer. We suggested she buy an eMac. For her, it would be more straightforward and the mouse easier to use for her hand which trembles significantly (Parkinsons). For us, easier to keep up from a distance as "how could you screw up a Mac?" No viruses, no crashes, etc. She had NO computer experience before. She followed my instructions as to getting on the net and checking email. I set up the printer. That is all she needed to know/needed to do.

    Then, her friend gets on it. Imagine a human virus. She "trained" herself from Windows 98 for Dummies. She gets on the eMac and somehow manages to eliminate the printer setup, internet connection, and the ability to send email. This lady asked me what side the CD goes into the tray. After fixing the computer, we told grandmother to NEVER EVER let this lady near her computer again. She let her anyway.

    Now, they hate the Mac. They want to sell it and get a PC. I wash my hands of it. However, fiance asked me if we should try to buy the eMac off of them (as they want to sell it and I want an eMac). However, I could get with student discount, a faster eMac with a superdrive. Can a superdrive be put in later?

    Is it worth looking at an eMac only a few months old?
  2. maluscanis macrumors member

    Jun 30, 2002
    I'm not sure
    I have the 1.25ghz eMac without a superdrive. I had a 1.6ghz G5 before but really didn't need the extra speed. I do a lot of work in Garageband - some of my files are over 1gb in size and this little eMac handles everything wonderfully. Within a year or so, the eMac might have a G5 in it, so you might want to wait. However, if you are not a hardcore user, the eMac is fantastic. Your answer really lies in your own particular needs. And honestly, you are probably a better judge of what you need than any of us.

    Best of Luck from a satisfied eMac user.

    God bless
  3. OziMac macrumors 6502

    Oct 24, 2003
    What are the specs of this other eMac? If you don't mind voiding your warranty and are not too shy of tools and the inside of a computer, it's not that difficult to install a superdrive - the Pioneer 107 is the current 8x superdrive, and available on its own fairly cheap.

    Here are some instructions if you want to do it yourself (though of course, the usual disclaimers apply):

    (though note that the disassembly instructions are slightly different for the 800MHz/1GHz eMacs - all you need to do once the case is open is to remove the metal shield and you can easily take out the optical drive - might be worth searching for more disassembly instructions if you're not confident).

    By the way, this person literally must have gone out to sabotage the eMac, because there's so no way in hell that anyone can unintentionally delete the printer, internet and email settings in OS X - let alone someone who's never used a CD-ROM drive before. :D
  4. niter thread starter macrumors 6502

    Sep 9, 2003
    I forgot the specs of the eMac, but it was the lower priced one which was offered just before the eMacs were updated. I think it has a 1 GHz processor, 256 MB RAM, and the tilt/swivel stand.

    I currently have an iBook 12" 800 MHz G4. I have been planning to purchase a desktop prior to getting my Ph.D. (May 2006) with my educational discount. Something with more power than my iBook for doing stuff like home video editing and the other iLife apps. As much as I love the G5, I probably will never need its power (nor can I afford its monitor and I do not want to have an ugly monitor).

    It is just one of those things....I was intending on waiting, but if they want to sell it at a good price, should I get it? I am tempted to even sell it off on eBay and just hold out for the one I want.

    Yeah, tell me about it. The problem is that fiance's grandmother does not really realize that she will have to learn the computer herself. She wants it all spoonfed to her and then this other lady who does not even have a good knowledge of windows and computers starts poking at things on her computer. Who knows what she has done. Perhaps, the computer is working 100% but she says it does not work and thus grandmother thinks it does not work. No clue.
  5. ijimk macrumors 6502a


    Jun 17, 2004
    I just got a new emac

    I wanted a mac so bad i could not pass up the bang for my buck when i saw the new emacs. I work in graphic design a lot (photoshop, dreamweaver, illustrator, quark, after effects etc.).I am SUPER pleased with my 1.25 ghz 160 gb hd and super-drive. The thing is just AWESOME! All together i think with all the upgrades i added including the swivel stand it all came to under $1300. Thats for a 8x dvd burner and a Super relieable cpu.
    My recomendation for sound is get the JBL creature speakers. The emacs speakers are ok but i play games like Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2 and they sound SOOOOOOOO clean on the JBL creature speakers. The speakers are only $100. I love my emac and would not trade it for anything (well a dual 2.5 ghz g5 and a 30 inch display maybe...).
  6. filmamigo macrumors member

    Sep 17, 2003
    People love to wear the chains that they are used to -- so many people buy what everyone else has instead of what might be better/easier/cooler. I face this all the time with older relatives on everything from choice of automobile ("but the neighbours all have Pontiacs") to musical theatre ("everyone else is seeing Mama Mia" "but you don't even like ABBA?!")

    The sad twist in your tale is that this lady already has a Mac. Once most folks try the Mac, they're convinced, but for her the peer pressure is so strong that she will throw away a perfectly functional computer. Perhaps she will change her mind again once she sees how often her new Windows machine needs fixing/patching/deworming. Unfortunately peer pressure will probably keep her from voicing too much dissatisfaction.

    I've wasted so much time helping other people make their "safe choice" Windows machines work, I should have been charging by the hour. I guess I have more spare time because my work gets done on a Mac.

    I do have one note of dissention ---- both I and my wife have "accidentally" deleted our printer from OS X. When trying to delete a print job (not uncommon when you use a cheap printer that has paper jams) we have both deleted the printer instead. Unlike Windows, the first level of the print dialog displays printers instead of print jobs. And it has a handy little delete button. I find it counterintuitive to have to drill down to the printer to select and delete the print job. Most folks only have one printer, so the primary importance should be on print jobs, not printers. Also, it's not patently obvious whether you are looking at a list of printers or jobs. Needless to say, this is a pain. One slip of the mouse and we have to go dig out the CDROM of printer drivers. ----- I point all of this out because I believe that OS X should be the most friendly, discoverable interface possible.

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