Show us your side-by-side comparison of flash performance with and w/o case on.

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by srowndedbyh2o, Nov 6, 2011.

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    I recently bought an iSkin aura, posted a review, then received requests for comparisons on how well the iPhone 4S flash works with the cover on. I thought that there would be no difference since the cutout on the iSkin aura appears to be large enough so as not to affect the flash performance. I even mentioned that in my review.
    It wasn’t until I did actual side-by-side comparison shots that I realized how the cover affected the flash, which got me to thinking. How many other cases/back plates that cover the back of the iPhone 4S with a cutout around the camera lens/flash actually affect the performance of the camera flash, but we didn’t realize it.
    Post your side-by-side flash tests of your phone with and without the case on so we can actually see if the case is affecting the performance of the flash. I’m thinking that there are probably more cases/back plates out there than we realize.

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    I also found this recently with my black Moshi Glaze, which surprised me considering it's a black case.

    With a cheap silver eBay case, the difference is huge. I tried to blacken the camera cut out with a permanent marker, but no luck.

    Even with an SGP Neo Hybrid bumper there is still a slight difference. Sorry I already deleted the pics, but it's definitely there.

    I decided to live with it rather than go naked and risk dropping the phone.
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    Both my leather flip case (black) and gameboy styled case (white) do the same effect (sometimes worse) so I decided not to use flash.

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