ShuttlePro users, need advice!

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    May 3, 2003
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    I am an active Final Cut Pro user, but strangely enough, I have been using merely the Apple supplied mouse for the past years since FCP's intial release. I keep telling myself that I need to buy a better mouse that will make my experience in FCP even more sweeter. I have read alot of good things on the ShuttlePro mouse, and even though the steep price, it sounds like its worth every penny. But rather than trust the judgement of website reviews that may be getting some cash from Contour to say good things, I thought I'd asked the members of MacRumors that are using this mouse. What do you like about it, and what do you don't, and is it really worth the money? I also read that the ShuttlePro V.2 is supposed to come before the end of the month, so would you think that it would be a good idea to wait for this even more expensive mouse, or just go ahead and get the original one for their current deals of like $89 or cheaper. One final question I had is the mouse programmable to make use of all the buttons and scroll wheel in other appplications and in MacOSX. For example like, Safari, iTunes, throughout OSX, etc... Your advice is would be very much appreciated!
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    This is kinda of an old post, but i figure my addition to it will be use full

    I wanted to get a shuttlepro mouse as one thing i miss from the linear editing world was the jog wheel ... but here is what i just discovered, being that i use a optical two button mouse with scroll wheel after the old single button circle wheel mouse broke that my computer came with, i discovered that i can use the scroller in the timeline or the preview window of FCP as it it were jog wheel ... just saved myself some money and got exactly the feeling that i wanted ...

    just that i would help out those that are on limited budgets

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