Sidebar icon color gone and what exactly is the use of Launchpad?


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Apr 6, 2011
Running Lion right now. Most of it great. I have some qualms though.

1. The sidebar is monochromatic now (no colors) the icons looked nice in color. On top of that the default icons are way to large. Atleast you can go to system preferences --> general--> and change icon size to small. I wish they would bring color back for the side bar icons (its present under if you click under "go").

2. I am not understanding the point of launchpad other than being an annoyance. If I want to find an application, I use spotlight. Not to mention there is also the applications folder on the dock which is a lot easier to see through than launchpad. Am I missing something here. Is there something to launchpad that I am not getting that makes it better than spotlight?
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