SideCar and VPN


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Apr 6, 2002
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Apologies if this is already known.

Like some others I was having issues with SideCar connecting, but not all of the time. Sometimes it worked, other times it did not. This past Friday I realized the source of the issue. Sidecar does not play nice with VPN. When I am home and most likely to use the feature, I have to use Cisco AnyConnect in order to VPN in and have access to my servers. I was working and Sidecar was working fine. Then I connected to VPN and it was unable to connect to my iPad. Disconnect VPN, works fine again.

Anyone experience this issue?

I guess I will stick with Luna Display for now. Better resolution and touch support as well.


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Jul 8, 2013
One option would be to leverage both wifi and wired networks. Make wired your primary for example, then AynConnect will dial up with that, leaving your wifi connected to your local net to support SideCar. Does that make sense?
I think using wifi for the VPN essentially removes your machine from your home network (unless you are using split tunnelling but it sounds like you are not). So the iPad cannot hear the connection request from your Mac since the Mac is now local to some distant VPN endpoint.
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